Wednesday, September 1, 2010

D's Salsa

My good friend Danielle who lives deep down in Texas is a hell of a cook, and when she started whipping up batches of fiery hot salsa she started to develop quite a following of fans.
Even the people who can't stand the heat couldn't stop eating it,
asking her if she could make a mild version of the Delicious stuff.
Thus, Dani has created her Devil and Angel sauces, and she asked me if I could design her some labels... a pepper with horns and a pepper with a halo and wings. Here are my designs, I wanted her to have something really different that would stand out from everything else,
hope they can stand up to the goodness in the jars!

For information on ordering some for yourself, click here.


Arv said...

Doug! These are brilliant! Man...I need to learn how to do some of this stuff. Really diggin your process and the sketch work! Keep it up!

Doug Dutton said...

Thanks Arv!,
Just start layout old school, build a pencil skelton, scan and do finish in Adobe Illustrator.

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