Sunday, February 7, 2010


Kind of a side view portrait of a kinda bug shelled, cow, dragon thing...
I did a post like this back last April called "The Bug" where I wanted sort of this weird creature portrait set against this sort of beautiful back drop
and never really had gotten any further with it.
This painting started out where I was going to pick up on the bug painting but, I only ended up with just using the same shell and started changing everything else.


Arvind said...

Awesome new work Doug!! I love it! great sense of depth in this one with the change in values from foreground to background! Keep it comin!


Doug Dutton said...

Thanks Arv!
Yes, spent some time with this one, in the end
kinda ended up with a frame from an animated film. I am so inspired by the old Warner Bros. films where the main focus character has the crisp dark outline and the background does not.

Thanks for the comment!

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