Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lunchtime on the night shift

It has been forever since my last post, gotta catch up!

Been doing some part time sales work for some extra cash... hate it, but it helps pay the bills. This started as a collection of photos I took on my phone camera while I ate baloney sandwiches in my truck on lunch break. Why? no reason, just bored, but they inspired the illustration.

Scanned pencil drawing, inked in Illustrator and colored in Photoshop


Albinal said...

Amazingly cool work again! I love the style. By "inked in illustrator" do you mean you traced over it with the pen tool?

Doug Dutton said...

Hey thanks Albinal!
Brought the pencil sketch into Adobe Illustrator and toned it back to about 20%.
Put a layer over it and used the brush tool
and Wacom tablet to ink.

Albinal said...

Ah, I see... You must have one of the on-screen ones then. Thanks for sharing that! Great results. :-)

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