Saturday, August 15, 2009

Uncle Stanley, slayer of Evil!

I am well known for coming up with stories for cartoons and comics, starting story lines, creating characters and then doing absolutely nothing more with them, maybe this one might actually go
a little further...
Anyways, my son Jake and I started playing around with the idea of a
little old man (Uncle Stanley) who spends his time fighting hoards of evil entities and protecting his neighborhood or subdivision against being taken over by ultimate doom.
Uncle Stanley off course, is highly knowledgeable in this field and is surrounded with tons of magical items and weapons as well as some sort of bizarre mascot and maybe a big oaf nephew or something....haven't gotten that far yet.

On the other side of the spectrum is Uncle Stanley's arch enemy, the destroyer of all that is good, the unholy...well, i don't know yet... but, this entity will stop at nothing to take over the neighborhood because it holds the secret of...well, I don't know yet,
we still need to work a whole lot out. Here is my first pass at very rough concepts, not really even sold on anything, just some beginning thoughts.

Still not sure on a right look for Uncle Stanley, I want him old but how old? I like the idea of him being somewhat funny and eccentric and wearing a lab coat or more of a utility type jump suite with an exposed bow tie.

As for his arch Nemesis, a little dork who is very small in stature but believes he is, next to the Devil, the scariest being he a vampire? demon? I'm not sure,
like I said, we have a lot to work out yet.

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